Outdoor seating at Cofoco

The Danish summer has finally arrived. And we have to take full advantage of it. Luckily, that’s something the Danes are really good at in Denmark. The warming sun rays lure people out on the streets like bees to flowers and the sidewalks are filled with life after a long winter. Outside at the Cofoco's restaurants we are ready to welcome you when you want to enjoy the good weather and feel the summer breeze with some cooling liquids and delicious food.

If you are in the mood for french, we recommend our sidewalk tables at Les Trois Cochons at Værnedamsvej. The sun is at its strongest around lunchtime, perfect for a round of moules frites and a cold glass of rosé. It’s open from 08.00 - 24.00 so you can choose whether you want to come for a visit for breakfast, at lunch or for dinner. At Oysters & Grill you can expect nothing less than the season's best offer of fruits from the sea. Here you can get seafood of all kinds, and when you are satisfied and almost full, we recommend the homemade vanilla softice with rhubarb, mazarin cake and salted caramel for dessert. 

If you dream of a trip even further south, you can go to Italy on either Spuntino or one of the Scarpettas (Rantzausgade or Islands Brygge). At all three places you can sit outside and let yourself be seduced by the scent of fresh herbs while the tables are filled with a symphony of color. Spuntino serves plenty of delicious antipasti, as well as either pizza, pasta or secondo, which varies according to the season. At Scarpetta we offer a family style menu with the best Danish and Italian ingredients, served in dishes like how Mama would’ve made them.

Vækst in Sankt Pederstræde also offers tables outdoors, perfect for afternoon coffee or a cool glass of wine in the heat. Outdoor seating is determined on the day. At Restaurant Cofoco you can look forward to when we open for outdoor dining a little later in the month, because it’s a sunny and quiet spot. If you can't wait until then, we serve homemade cocktails you can enjoy outdoors already now.

We look forward to enjoying the summer in your company – outdoors as well as indoors! Outdoor tables can’t be pre-booked. If you are unsure about which restaurant to choose, you can find an overview here.