Torta Al Limone - New dessert at Scarpetta

The Italian lemon tart with roasted meringue is a classic and favorite in the eyes of many. The balance between the sour lemon cream and the sweet meringue combined with the crispy pie base sends the most of us to the dessert heaven.

 At Scarpetta we use Italian meringue for our lemon pies. It is characterized by a more creamy and "sticky" soft meringue, which is well suited as topping to this heavenly dessert. The difference between the Italian meringue and the French meringue is the way sugar is treated. In the Italian meringue, the sugar is cooked to a syrup before being mixed in the whipped egg whites to make it dense, smooth and creamy. In a French meringue, sugar is blended directly into the whipped egg whites without melting in beforehand. And the result is there for a more airy and light meringue.

 We recommend enjoying our tart al limone with a limoncello or an espresso on the side. If you want to taste the new dessert yourself, you can book a table at Scarpetta Rantzausgade and Scarpetta Islands Brygge. The dessert is also part of our new family style menu.