New menu concept at Les Trois Cochons

We can proudly present an exciting news at Les Trods Cochons. Our French bistro in Værnedamsvej have gotten a brand new menu - including a brand new concept!

Instead of offering a traditional 3-course menu, as we have done so far, we have now launched an exciting tasting menu which includes both snacks, starters, main course and dessert. The menu consists of 9 different courses in 4 servings and they are served on plates to share "family style".

You can see the new menu and book your table right here.

The menu at Les Trois Cochons:

Artichokes with mayonnaise
Croquet with mushrooms & piment cream 
Duckbreast, saltet & dried

Blinis with lumpfish roe & sour cream
Grilled langoustines with lemon
Romaine salad with parsley & parmesan

Grilled flat iron steak with herb butter
Grilled leeks with sorrel & spinach
Poached plum tomatoes with olive oil & lemon herb

Clafoutis with blueberries, sour cream ice cream, caramelized almonds & coulis

The new menu is 325 dkk pr. person and is also available in a vegetarian version.

Besides the menu we also offer our popular a la carte courses, that include both classic and modern french dishes.

Get inspired by the pictures below here, and see the entire menu at Les Trods Cochons right here.