Italian Restaurants

Are you looking for a place to enjoy Italian classics and specialties? 

Cofoco has several restaurants that all cater Italian cuisine. The menus consist of local and Italian ingredients handled with the utmost respect for classic Italian cuisine when used in dishes with everything from homemade pasta, pizza dough and exciting desserts.

  • Vespa

    Vespa is our Italian osteria in Store Kongensgade. The vibe is cozy and informal with lots of energy. Here you will get Italian food as mamma would make it. The wine is served in jugs and available ad libitum.

  • Spuntino

    At Spuntino, you can expect antipasti, pizza, pasta and secondo served simple and with plenty of flavors as they do in Italy. The decor leads you to an Italian back ally with a sea of ​​glowing light surrounded by tall trees.

  • Scarpetta Rantzausgade

    Scarpetta Rantzausgade serves modern Italian classics and you can get a 5 family-style menu perfect for sharing for only 300 DKK. Scarpetta makes the city's best Aperol spritz for you to enjoy in an energetic neighboorhood!

  • Corsa Pizza

    Your local Neapolitan pizzeria at Islands Brygge. We bake sourdough pizzas focusing on the best organic ingredients from Italy and Denmark. Bring them home or dine with us.

Italian restaurants in Copenhagen

At Cofoco, good craftsmanship and strong kitchen traditions are essential, because each serving must be an experience that stimulates the senses. And it's not just the taste buds we mean. Our food must also smell heavenly and our eyes must be spoiled with colorful combinations of seasonal ingredients. It is our goal every time we serve food to our guests.

That's why we at Cofoco are also particularly fond of Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine and Italian food take form in many different shades. There are the Italian classics - crispy pizzas, creamy pasta dishes, sweet tiramisu and a quick espresso. But Italian food is so much more than that.

The Italian restaurant Scarpetta

Italian cuisine is diverse and the food at Scarpetta is no exception. Scarpetta is the Italian term for the last piece of bread used to soak up the last sauce from the plate. And that characterizes the Italian restaurant quite well. With servings such as butternut squash with sage, lemon and pine nuts, ravioli with ricotta, thyme and parmesan and baked cod with clams, dill and fennel, there is plenty of opportunity to get around the part of Italian cuisine that we Danes don't know so well.

Our classic Italian restaurant

Danes are in love with classic Italian cuisine. A thin and crispy pizza and a simple and delicious pasta dish. At Spuntino, we cook food that speaks to the eyes as much as the taste buds. Spuntino is like gathering family or friends around the table in an Italian backyard on a warm summer evening. At Spuntino, the focus is on antipasti, delicious pizzas and desserts. However, you can also find a selection of Secondi if clams, ravioli or gnocchi is more appealing than pizza.

Visit an osteria in the middle of old Copenhagen

When the Italians visit an osteria, they expect a quick and honest meal with local produce and lots of wine. You can experience all of that at Cofoco's warm and cozy osteria in the middle of the old market town, Copenhagen. The dishes are served in big plates and bowls so that everyone can taste and share. It is food that speaks to the heart.

Here you will find Cofoco's Italian restaurants

Whether you are in Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Kbh S or inner city, we have an Italian restaurant for you. Vespa is our Italian restaurant in Copenhagen K, Spuntino you find in the middle of Vesterbrogade and Scarpetta you find centrally in Nørrebro and in Islands Brygge.