Restaurants in Vesterbro

Are you looking for a restaurant in Vesterbro? At Cofocos restaurants in Vesterbro you’ll find both breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. We have five restaurants in Vesterbro to choose from, just pick your favourite.

At Les Trois Cochons we offer breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner so there is plenty of time to enjoy the French ambience at the restaurant located on Værnedamsvej. 

At Spuntino you’ll get to enjoy delicious Italian antipasto, Neapolitan pizza and pasta.

At Restaurant Cofoco there is focus on local produce. The kitchen has a Nordic touch but also takes inspiration from distant corners of the world.

Jah Izakaya og Sake Bar is our Japanese restaurant on Gasværksvej. Here you’ll get an intimate atmosphere and original Japanese dishes on the menu.

Let Delphine take you on a culinary journey to the Greek islands and southern Italy.

Don't miss out on a visit to Café Coco, located below our new boutique hotel, Coco Hotel. Open everyday for breakfast, lunch and a light meal. 

  • Les Trois Cochons

    At Les Trois Cochons we offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, so here is plenty of opportunities to enjoy the French atmosphere in the cozy restaurant on lively Værnedamsvej.

  • Restaurant Cofoco

    Local ingredients are essential at Restaurant Cofoco. The kitchen is relatively Nordic, but also made with inspiration from around the globe. The dishes are prepared with Danish ingredients and filled with contrasts: rustic and elegant, simple and complex, but always tasty.

  • Spuntino

    At Spuntino, you can expect antipasti, pizza, pasta and secondo served simple and with plenty of flavors as they do in Italy. The decor leads you to an Italian back ally with a sea of ​​glowing light surrounded by tall trees.

  • Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar

    Jah Izakaya and Sake Bar is our Japanese restaurant on Gasværksvej. The atmosphere is intimate and original Japanese dishes are on the menu. The restaurant is just around the corner from lively Istedgade and festive Meatpacking district.

  • Delphine

    Let Delphine take you on a culinary journey to the Greek islands and southern Italy. The large menu focuses on seafood and on the large parilla grill, we grill with meat and vegetables. In addition, Delphine serves breakfast in its large, sunlit restaurant.

Restaurants in Vesterbro

Are you looking for a restaurant in Vesterbro? You should take a closer look at Cofocos selection of restaurants that you’ll find on central locations in Vesterbro, close to Vesterbrogade. Choose between the Italian, French or Nordic kitchen. No matter what you pick, we guarantee a relaxed atmosphere in cozy surroundings as well as a dining experience out of the ordinary.

Brunch in Vesterbro

Would you like to start your day with a French inspired brunch you should visit Les Trois Cochons on Værnedamsvej. Les Trois Cochons is Cofocos only French restaurant. This place is buzzing with the atmosphere of a sidewalk cafe in Paris. Enjoy a classic croissant with a strong cup of coffee or try our breakfast including a poached egg with avocado, yoghurt with berries and a fresh grapefruit. You won't be cheated on a croissant, even if you choose our Complet, which is the closest we get to a brunch.

Pizza in Vesterbro

Are you visiting Vesterbro or looking for a restaurant inspired by the Italian kitchen you should visit our restaurant Spuntino centrally located on Vesterbrogade. At Spuntino you’ll get to enjoy Italian specialities such as pizza Margherita, stuffed pasta with parma ham and tiramisu as only an authentic Italian mama could make it. Our pizzas are made from the finest ingredients and according to classic Italian standards. It also means that there are 'only' five pizzas to choose from - because we will not compromise on the quality of the ingredients.

Japanese restaurant in Vesterbro

Close to Vesterbrogade you’ll find the Japanese restaurant Jah Izakaya. Jah Izakaya is our unformal Japanese gastropub that serves Japanese specialities. The aim with our Japanese restaurant is to represent all sides of the Japanese food culture. From modern Japanese cooking to Japanese street food. You’ll find our Japanese restaurant on Gasværksvej in Vesterbro.

Nordic restaurant in Vesterbro

In a bright basement in the heart of Vesterbro Restaurant Cofoco opened the doors in 2004. Restaurant Cofoco is focused on good local ingredients and treats them in a creative and respectful way, so that each and every ingredient comes into its own. If you want a gastronomic experience you should book a table at restaurant Cofoco in Vesterbro.

French oasis in Vesterbro

Café Coco is our chic oasis where guests and locals meet to enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a light meal. Café Coco, with its green courtyard and relaxed atmosphere, offers an attractive oasis right in the heart of Vesterbro. Café Coco serves delicious breakfast in the early hours, light meals and snacks during the rest of the day. Enjoy freshly brewed organic Slayer coffee, selected organic and natural wines, beers, drinks and cocktails.

Mediterranean atmosphere in Vesterbro

Let Delphine take you on a journey to the Greek islands and southern Italy in its large, sunlit rooms. The menu features seasonal seafood, meat and vegetables from the large bar serves cocktails in pitchers, ouzo, nice easy-drinking wines and cool beers. Delphine also serves brunch and breakfast with organic, fresh ingredients.