Nordic Restaurants

At Høst and Vækst, seasonal vegetables and local produces are the main priority. Both restaurants offer well-composed vegetarian and vegan menus and are both award-winning and mentioned in the Michelin guide 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. The menus are always full of surprises, and they both offer homemade juice menus created to supplement the dishes. 

Restaurant Cofoco is our first restaurant and is located in Vesterbro. Restaurant Cofoco uses good Danish ingredients and serves food full of contrasts: the rustic and the elegant, the simple and the advanced. And most importantly - it is always tasty and a culinary experience that is not to be missed.   

  • Høst

    At Høst we serve top-quality Nordic food. The focus is on green and local produce. Sit back and be surprised by the creativity of the kitchen. The restaurant is within walking distance of Nørreport station.

  • Vækst

    At Vækst, the Nordic ingredients are in focus. The menu consists of lots of vegetables and local meat, fish and poultry. At Vækst, natural ingredients and playfull taste combinations are the main components of the meal. You will find Vækst in Sankt Peders Strait midway between City Hall Square, Vesterport and Nørreport.

  • Restaurant Cofoco

    Local ingredients are essential at Restaurant Cofoco. The kitchen is relatively Nordic, but also made with inspiration from around the globe. The dishes are prepared with Danish ingredients and filled with contrasts: rustic and elegant, simple and complex, but always tasty.