Restaurants Inner City / Copenhagen city

Are you looking for a restaurant in Copenhagen K? In the center of Copenhagen you will find some of our most popular restaurants such as Høst, Vækst, Vespa and Llama.

  • Høst

    At Høst we serve top-quality Nordic food. The focus is on green and local produce. Sit back and be surprised by the creativity of the kitchen. The restaurant is within walking distance of Nørreport station.

  • Vækst

    At Vækst, the Nordic ingredients are in focus. The menu consists of lots of vegetables and local meat, fish and poultry. At Vækst, natural ingredients and playfull taste combinations are the main components of the meal. You will find Vækst in Sankt Peders Strait midway between City Hall Square, Vesterport and Nørreport.

  • Vespa

    Vespa is our Italian osteria in Store Kongensgade. The vibe is cozy and informal with lots of energy. Here you will get Italian food as mamma would make it. The wine is served in jugs and available ad libitum.

  • Llama

    Llama is our Latin American restaurant with the city's most vibrant decore! If you love ceviche, tacos and crunchy tortillas with homemade guacamole, as well as the opportunity to flush it all down with delicious drinks, this is the place for you. Llama is right next to Magasin and Kgs. Nytorv.

Nordic restaurant in Copenhagen

In Sankt Peders Stræde in the middle of Copenhagen’s old Latin quarter you will find Vækst. Gastronomically, Vækst is based on fresh Nordic vegetables and herbs but we still enjoy a great steak, seafood, and fresh fish. The menu is not the only thing that’s green, as the decor is centred around a beautiful greenhouse, stretching up through the restaurant’s two floors. The rooms are filled with hanging plants drawing nature in all the way to the table, while the many lovely lights create an atmosphere mimicking a Danish summer evening which never ends.

If you haven't already eaten at Høst, then we can only recommend that you try this as well. Høst is our award-winning Nordic restaurant, where the focus is on good Nordic ingredients and seasonal greens. We offer small surprises along the way so you won't know the entire menu beforehand. In addition to a sublime dining experience, you will dine in beautiful surroundings and a unique atmosphere. Høst has among other prizes won an award as the world's most beautiful restaurant.

Italian restaurant in Copenhagen K

When the Italians sit down at an osteria they expect a quick, honest, and simple meal made from local produce served alongside a carafe of good wine. It’s the same at Vespa

, our cosy and warm osteria in the middle of old Copenhagen. The menu is small, food is served on platters and in small bowls for sharing, and you can order wine or beer ad libitum without any need for worrying about the check. Come as you are; this place is all about great company and casual dining. We don’t care that the colourful china matches; our hearts beat for the food on the plates and our guests.

Latin American restaurant in Copenhagen K

Last dish on the menu of restaurants in inner Copenhagen is Llama - our Latin American restaurant. Llama is located on Lille Kongensgade in the heart of Copenhagen with good connections to all sorts of public transportation. But as soon as you come down the stairs you'll leave Denmark for a while and find yourself diving into a culinary and colorful Latin American dining experience.

At Llama you can choose dishes from Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico. In addition to delicious dishes, we serve classic South American drinks such as Pisco sour, Dirty Dominga with Mezcal as well as a good glass of tequila. Once you have eaten, you can stay hydrated by hanging out at Llama Social for a cocktail on Friday and Saturday after 11 pm. The restaurant is open for good vibes, nice people and just simply a good time while our DJs provide great tunes and a festive evening from 11pm - 02am.