Restaurants in Nørrebro

If you are looking for a restaurant in Nørrebro, we have two wonderful ones each with their own kitchens. 

  • Oysters & Grill

    At Oysters & Grill, we serve Nørrebro's freshest seafood and juicy tender steaks. Try, for example, the fruits of the sea and rinse all its glory down with colorful cocktails.

Fish restaurant Nørrebro

Sea meets land in Nørrebro’s ultimate neighbourhood restaurant Oysters & Grill. Dive into our oyster menu, shelled prawns, the many different kinds of clams, langoustines, squid, ceviche, steak tartare or well-cooked meat. Add cocktails and lots of champagne and you’re in for at great evening.

Cocktails Nørrebro

All on board the seafood train, you might as well go all in and order some delicious bubbles, cool wine or some of the classic cocktails that we love to serve at our restaurants. Choose from a cool Aperol Spritz, the fresh Pink Paloma, a classic Gin & Tonic or one of the other delicious cocktails from our menu. If you are looking for delicious cocktails at Nørrebro, we would encourage you to swing by Oysters & Grill.

Italian restaurant at Nørrebro

Scarpetta is Italian for the last piece of bread that is used to soak up the last sauce from the plate. Scarpetta is located in the heart of Copenhagen at Nørrebro, and is both a modern and authentic restaurant. That means we base our dishes on the classic Italian tastes and we are always looking for Italian ingredients that represent the sides of Italy that most Copenhageneners may not know. Scarpetta is characterized by traditional cooking meeting modern Italian cuisine.