Restaurants in Nørrebro

If you are looking for a restaurant in Nørrebro, we have two wonderful ones with each their own kitchens. At Oysters & Grill we serve Nørrebro's freshest seafood and large delicious barbecue steaks. Try for example fruits of the sea and rinse all the deliciousness down with colorful cocktails.

And at our Italian Scarpetta Rantzausgade we serve modern Italian classics with a danish twist. Here you can get a 5 course menu for only 275 DKK, and once you're here, try the city's best Aperol spritz.

  • Oysters & Grill

    At Oysters & Grill, we serve Nørrebro's freshest seafood and juicy tender steaks. Try, for example, the fruits of the sea and rinse all its glory down with colorful cocktails.

  • Scarpetta Rantzausgade

    Scarpetta Rantzausgade serves modern Italian classics and you can get a 5 family-style menu perfect for sharing for only 300 DKK. Scarpetta makes the city's best Aperol spritz for you to enjoy in an energetic neighboorhood!

Restaurants in Nørrebro

Right at a popular city spot, Assisten's Cemetery you will find one of our Nørrebro restaurants, Oysters & Grill. As the name suggests, you can indulge in fresh delights from the sea. Oysters & Grill is Cofoco's fish and seafood restaurant in Nørrebro. In fact, and if you need an extravagant experience with seafood, oysters and virgin lobster, then it is worthwhile to book a table at Oysters & Grill. However, if it's not seafood you fancy, you can also order a steak or some good ribs with lots of tasty sides. Or don't hesitate to visit our Italian restaurant - Scarpetta Rantzausgade, also located in Nørrebro.

Fish restaurant Nørrebro

At Cofoco's fish restaurant in Nørrebro we have a wide selection of fresh seafood. You can always choose our 3-course menu, where the starter is a selection of all best from the sea. The main course is optional and you decide whether you want to stay below sea level or get back on land again with a good ribeye or some premium ribs. At Oysters & Grill we also serve delicious steaks that have been on the grill. All main courses are served with delicious french fries and a fresh salad. You can always end a delightful meal with a fresh dessert - if you're lucky, in the form of a creamy softice.

Cocktails Nørrebro

All on board the seafood train, you might as well go all in and order some delicious bubbles, cool wine or some of the classic cocktails that we love to serve at our restaurants. Choose from a cool Aperol Spritz, the fresh Pink Paloma, a classic Gin & Tonic or one of the other delicious cocktails from our menu. If you are looking for delicious cocktails at Nørrebro, we would encourage you to swing by Oysters & Grill.

Italian restaurant at Nørrebro

Is it an Italian eatery in Nørrebro that you are looking for for your next dining experience. Then we are ready to welcome you into Restaurant Scarpetta, with good Italian classics and authentic ingredients fill the menu. At Scarpetta we love to share and taste several different dishes. Therefore, our main menu is a family style menu, which is served to the entire table and where everyone have the opportunity to get around the whole menu and take their tastebuds on a roundtrip to Italy.

Life and energy at Nørrebro

Nørrebro is a lively and festive part of Copenhagen. There is room for everyone here, and if you have not been to Nørrebro before, we hope you swing by - it's no to be missed. We would love to be the first address on your first stop and serve you delicious food, whether it has to be classic Italian, a juicy steak or fresh seafood. Book a table at one of our restaurants in Nørrebro today!