Restaurants in Islands Brygge

Cofoco has a cozy Italian restaurant at Islands Brygge, located in the same building as the Stay hotel. The atmosphere is relaxed, child friendly and with good opportunities for parking. Scarpetta Islands Brygge is a modern and authentic Italian restaurant with everything from vitello tonnato, bruschetta, pizza and pasta.

And right next to Scarpetta you'll find Corsa Pizza. Authentic Neapolitan sourdough pizzas focusing on the best organic ingredients from both Italy and Denmark. Bring them home or dine with us.

  • Corsa Pizza

    Your local Neapolitan pizzeria at Islands Brygge, Nordhavn, Østerbro & Vesterbro. We bake sourdough pizzas and serve antipasti focusing on the best organic ingredients from Italy and Denmark. Bring them home or dine with us.

Restaurant at Islands Brygge

Most of Cofoco's restaurants are located in the inner part of Copenhagen as well as in Vesterbro and Nørrebro, but on the other side of Copenhagen's canals you will also find two Italian gems, Scarpetta and Corsa Pizza. Our Italian restaurant and pizzeria at Islands Brygge is centrally located on Bryggen close to Havnebadet and the bikecycle bridge at Dybbølsbro. Both the restaurant and pizzeria offers outdoor dining during the warmest months of the year.

Italian restaurant on Islands Brygge

At Scarpetta Islands Brygge we serve Italian specialties like mama would have made them herself. We don't hold back on the good and delicious ingredients - they are essential for us when striving to give you the best culinary experience. At Scarpetta on Islands Brygge we serve all dishes family style, so you get to taste as many dishes as possible from the menu. However, you will also find classics such as risotto, pasta dishes and crispy pizzas. Take a look and let us treat you and your loved ones with the delights of Italian cuisine.

Cofoco is expanding its presence at Bryggen

In addition to Restaurant Scarpetta, Cofoco has also opened its first pizzeria at Islands Brygge. The pizzeria is called Corsa pizza and is located right next to Scarpetta. Here we bake sourdough pizzas focusing on the best organic ingredients from Italy and Denmark. Bring them home, dine with us or order on